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Master Floral Designer Logo Master Floral Designer - Spring 2021 is a Course

Master Floral Designer - Spring 2021

Ended Apr 17, 2021

Full course description

Online version
James DelPrince, Ph.D., AIFD
14 Weekly Units

 Don’t live near Biloxi but want to be a part of the program? Do you want floral training at times that suit your own schedule? Consider Master Floral Designer online, an electronic version of the same course taught at MSU Coastal in Biloxi. Learn all the basics of floral design, including proper care and use of fresh flowers, dried flowers and numerous mechanics and accessories.  Discover what makes a floral design beautiful! 

 This program consists of three phases. Participants are directed to follow the program beginning with Phase I through III, in numerical order. Some may elect to complete Phase I, or Phases I and II, finding that these fulfill their educational needs. We encourage participants to complete all three Phases to earn the certificate from MSU Extension. 

 In Phase I, you will gain access to a new series of videos (over 53, from 5-45 minutes in duration) with weekly units made available to you within our Extension learning platform. These lively programs explain all basic floral design topics and the end-of-unit quizzes will test your comprehension. You will receive the companion text Principles of Floral Design by Pat Scace and James DelPrince, used in many floral design courses in high schools and colleges in the US and Canada. The book is filled with design ideas and clear explanations of techniques in floral care and handling, along with design principles and how to work effectively with design elements. It also has links to flash cards, exercises and games that aid you to learn cut flowers, design principles, and more. If you desire, you can follow along with the Phase I video demonstrations to create your own floral designs. Phase I is offered twice per year, during the fall (August through November) and spring semesters (January-April) and provides the theoretical basis for understanding floral design principles and mechanics. 

 The second phase of the program involves creating all the basic floral designs via hands-on, intensive classes directly with Dr. DelPrince. You can register for Phase II intensives upon successful completion of Phase I. This studio course will meet four consecutive days at an MSU Extension office/center. During that time, each participant will learn how to make a bow, corsages, a hand-tied bouquet, symmetrical and asymmetrical designs, topiary and more. Look for Phase II classes, spring 2020, in Hattiesburg, Starkville, Stoneville and Vicksburg!

 The final phase of the training program requires completing 40 hours of Extension volunteering, putting what you learned into action. This service component can involve different, non-profit activities such as the completion of educational displays for the public, floral programmatic assistance, and many others. Successful completion of 40 approved volunteer hours is necessary to achieve the Master Floral Designer certificate. Reports are due February 8th and certificates are awarded March 8th or thereabouts, annually. After the certificate program, Master Floral Designers are encouraged to keep an active status by conducting 20 hours per year of education and/or volunteering to remain active. 

 The MFD Program is open to beginners, including consumers, professional florists, and producers. Professional florists will find the online program helpful in training new employees. Flower arranging aficionados will find the program educational and enjoyable.

  •  $395 First phase, theoretical course, online.
  •  $795 Second phase, studio course; hands-on, intensive. Must successfully complete first phase prior to registration.
  • No charge for Third phase, volunteering.  Must successfully complete second phase, hands on intensive, prior to initiating volunteer hours.